Logo AIEAIE (Ajax Image Editor) is a rich internet application for manipulating images online. It's works with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It uses HTML, JavaScript and Ext JS on client side and ImageMagick and PHP on server side.

AIE (Ajax Image Editor), formely known as Akoie was released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL) in 2007.

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It is avaiable for free download at sourceforge.net

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After nearly one and a half years the new version of AIE is almost finished. The new version was completely rewritten and it will be released in early May this summer fall.
AIE (Ajax-Image-Editor) 0.6 was released today on sourceforge.net. It's the first release with the new name "AIE". The code was cleaned up and some bugs were fixed.
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Akoie moved from akoie.akanai.com to his new official domain www.ajax-image-editor.com! Also the name has changed from Akoie to AIE (Ajax-Image-Editor)
Because of the great interest and the many positive reactions, I'm already working on the next version. The new Version will use the Canvas tag to make possible a lot of new features for client-side image manipulation. This allows the free rotation of text and watermarks in smaller steps than 90°. Feel free to post proposes for changes or new features on the forum at sourceforge.net
Download Akoie 0.4 from sourceforge.net The new version was completely rewritten. The new user-interface is based on Ext JS JavaScript library. A working demonstration is available at http://www.ajax-image-editor.com/demo/
The new Project Webpage and a live demonstration of Akoie are online!