Logo AIEAIE (Ajax Image Editor) is a rich internet application for manipulating images online. It's works with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It uses HTML, JavaScript and Ext JS on client side and ImageMagick and PHP on server side.

AIE (Ajax Image Editor), formely known as Akoie was released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL) in 2007.

Easily integrate AIE in your Website!

It is avaiable for free download at sourceforge.net

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Resize your images!

Screenshot AIE Resize
Enter the new size as pixel or percent. Choose to maintain aspect ratio or not

Crop your images!

Screenshot AIE Crop
Use your mouse and drag'n'drop to set the area you want to cut.

Rotate / flip your images!

Screenshot AIE Rotate and Flip
You can rotate or flip your image


Screenshot AIE Filter: Automatic color correction, color balance, blur brightnes and contrast, invert
Many of avaiable filters like blur, brightnes and contrast, automatic color correction, color balance and invert. Show the result in a interactive preview-window before applying it.


Screenshot AIE Text-tool
Insert a text, select font-size font-color and font-type.


Screenshot AIE Watermark
Composite a image over another. Choose image and transparency, drag and resize the image with the mouse


Screenshot AIE History
Undo/Redo every change that you have made on your image!

No plugin needed

Screenshot AIE No plugin
AIE works without Adobe Flash and without Java! It uses only Javascript and HTML. There is no need of installing a browser-plugin!